Your boat’s trailer should not be considered a minor accessory, in fact it can make a massive difference to your boating pleasure and safety.

We are proud suppliers of EZLoader and other brands of trailer, directly imported from America.

Unlike most local trailers, which tend to be home-made and welded, with a low-quality hot dip or paint, our trailers are heavily galvanized and bolted together.

The difference is simply this – our trailer will last as long as your boat or even longer. Local trailers rarely last more than a couple of years before becoming rusty and potentially dangerous.


One of our Imported Trailers


A 2 year guarantee comes as standard for EZLoader trailers. We also offer other importated brands. All of our trailers  offer features and options not found anywhere locally, for example:

  • Spare wheel and carrier
  • Oil-retaining hubs
  • Purpose-made step pads (no more dangerous slipping!)
  • Option of aluminium
  • Single, double or triple axle
  • Adjustable winch stand
  • Enclosed and protected wiring
  • LED lights and safety reflectors
  • Torsion axle suspension system
  • Safety chains
  • Etc



CAUTION-  if your trailer does NOT meet all legal safety and design requirements then you could find your car insurance will not cover any accident!



No matter how great your boat is, on land it is like a fish out of water!

There is absolutely nothing that can take the place of a good quality (and safe) trailer. If you’re transporting the boat across the state or just storing it for the rainy season, don’t settle for anything less than a professional boat trailer from Moh Hin Boats.

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