Boats for Sale (Kuching, Sarawak) and Quality Marine Accessories

Welcome to Mohhin Boats!

Established at the same location since the year 2000, this family-run boat business has been proudly supplying the very best boats and accessories to the people of Sarawak for more than a decade.

Boating can be great fun or profitable but we firmly believe that before all other considerations that your safety must come first. As such we never compromise on the quality of materials or design.

Many of our parts and marine accessories are imported from America or Japan, as part of our “No Compromise” approach to quality.

From the smallest marine-grade nuts and bolts, to complete boat-engine-trailer packages, we can almost certainly help you take to the water safely, with the very best in performance and value.

Please look through our site or call directly on

019 8862573


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